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Z-FRAME® Nesting Racks

Commercial Nesting Racks for Bakery, Oven, Transport, Meat, Food Service & Other Special Engineered, Intellectual Property / Patented Equipment


Z-FRAME® Nesting Racks by M&E Mfg. Co., Inc.: patented nesting racks for commercial rack ovens and rotating ovens, custom racks in stainless steel and/or aluminum. Extraordinarily strong design and construction features make these ideal for commercial, material handling, or central commissary/extreme duty applications. Whatever your application needs are, we design and manufacture to those specifications using our portfolio of patented features.

Professional chef carving slices of a perfectly cooked medium rare prime rib roast beef using a carving knife and fork in a commercial kitchen that could be at a restaurant, hotel, cooking school, café or catering operation in the food and beverage industry.

Meat Racks

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Bakery Racks

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Oven Racks

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Commissary Racks

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Food Manufacturing  Racks

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The ZFrame Family


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