Professional Series® Products from:
M&E Mfg. Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 1548
19 Progress Street
Kingston, N.Y. 12402
Phone: 845-331-2111
Fax 845-331-4143


Covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 5,330,064; 5,386,787; 5,456,191; 5,471,922; 5,483,782; 5,503,087; 5,628,522; 5,746,063; 5,765,386; 5,816,051; 5,931,018; 5,957,309; 6,062,401; 6,131,399; 6,149,120; 6,173,575; 6,322,180; 6,366,313; 6,419,098; 6,474,757; 6,974,042; 7,419,063; D480,528; D481,513. Other U.S. & foreign patents pending.


Z-FRAME Nesting Racks® by M&E Mfg. Co., Inc.: patented nesting racks for commercial rack ovens and rotating ovens, custom racks in stainless steel and/or aluminum. Extraordinarily strong design and construction features make these ideal for commercial, material handling, or central commissary/extreme duty applications. Whatever your application needs are, we design and manufacture to those specifications using our portfolio of patented features.


Z-FRAME Nesting Racks® by M&E Mfg. Co., Inc. take up 50% less space than conventional non-nesting racks, without folding.

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